Five Star Reviews


“I have continually been thrilled with Luxury Pet Grooming’s services! They are always on time and consult with me about my preferences for Lola’s haircut. Katie has an obvious love for her doggie clients and is passionate about her work. She is an excellent groomer and is very professional!”


“We love Katie, and Bo, my sweet fur baby, absolutely loves her as well because she treats him as if he were her own dog. She is very attentive to what we would like for our boy and always asks if we want to change anything from the last visit. We have always been very happy with his hair cuts, and wish we could give Luxury Pet Grooming 10 instead of 5 stars!!!”


“Katie is the best dog groomer there is, and our Brodie just LOVES HER! I can tell that she truly cares, and we are happy with our fur baby’s luxurious haircuts every time. I highly recommend Luxury Pet Grooming and give them a 10 out of 10!!!”


“Katie is an amazing groomer with a natural aura of peace and good vibes, which my dogs greatly appreciated, as did I! I loathed dropping off my precious babies all day at conventional groomers, knowing they would sit in a little cage for a long time, experiencing stress (especially for my little rescue dog). I watched him almost asleep on her table; that is how trusting he was with her. I cannot believe how calm and at peace they both were with Katie. She even did my German Shepherd’s nails. I was able to get a quick appointment and we had a wonderful experience. I am so happy we found Luxury Pet Grooming and absolutely highly recommend them!”


“Katie was extremely kind and gentle with my 75-pound fur baby, and the concierge-style service was fantastic and convenient. I just walked out my front door, and the mobile grooming salon was right there. Luxury pet grooming is fantastic! Try them, and you will be impressed!”


“I was so pleased when you came to my home for Riley’s grooming over the summer. I highly recommend Luxury Pet Grooming. They are the best!”

– KIM W.

“We weren’t totally happy with our old groomer, so we tried Luxury Pet Grooming. Katie has worked with our dog twice so far, and she has done a great job both times.”


“I love the results of Katie’s work and 100% recommend Luxury Pet Grooming!”


“Our dog Millie loves her grooming day, and so do we. You put so much pride in your work, Katie. Keep it up. We love you!”


“Thanks, great cut. Molly has been strutting around to show it off to everyone.”