Summer Safety Tips

There’s nothing like having an ice-cold drink in your hand and sitting by a pool or beach during the summer! But as the temperatures rise, so does the safety risk for you and your pooch. Luxury Pet Grooming has put together these reminders to keep your pet free from heat-related harm.

Avoid unairconditioned spaces.

It’s never okay to leave your fur baby alone and unattended in a hot car—even for a short time. Be mindful of other enclosed spaces your pet hangs out in that are not air-conditioned, such as a garage.

Boost Water Intake

A key component of summer pet safety is monitoring your pet’s water intake and making sure their water bowl always has plenty of fresh, cool water. Adding a few ice cubes can be a fun treat for them, too!

Be aware of signs.

Be aware of the signs of dehydration in your pet, such as excessive panting, lethargy, sunken eyes, thick saliva, and a dry nose or mouth. You can give your pet electrolyte-enhanced water if needed, or take your pet to your vet for additional fluids if he or she seems to be severely dehydrated.

Beware of heatstroke.

Unlike their human counterparts, dogs and cats are unable to sweat, so they do not have the ability to cool down their body temperature as quickly. In extremely hot weather, limit time outside to early mornings and evenings.

According to the American Kennel Club, signs of the early stages of heatstroke to look out for in a dog are heavy panting, rapid breathing, excessive drooling, bright red gums and tongue, and difficulty maintaining balance. Signs of the advanced stages of heat stroke include white or blue gums, lethargy and an unwillingness to move, uncontrollable urination or defecation, labored and noisy breathing, and shock. Seek the medical attention of a local vet right away if you see any of these signs in your dog.

Keep Your Pet Groomed

One way to keep your pet cool is to stay on a regular grooming schedule so their fur isn’t weighing them down and adding extra heat. Luxury Pet Grooming offers two all-inclusive packages: The Royal Canine Signature Service and The Pampered Pooch Deluxe Service. Single services are available a la carte. In addition, priority grooming appointments are available through our exclusive VIP Membership Program.

Make sure medications are up-to-date.

Pests like fleas and ticks are more active during the warmer months, so it’s important to keep your pet up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and summer medications. Maintaining cleanliness indoors will also help prevent infestations by regularly vacuuming and washing bedding.

Protect those paws.

Know that awful burning sensation of bare feet on piping hot pavement? Your pet doesn’t like that feeling, either! Keep in mind the five-second rule: if you can’t keep your hand on a pavement for more than five seconds, it is too hot for your pet to walk on.

Prevent burns on your pet’s paw pads by purchasing paw covers for them or limiting their time on hot pavement. You can also work to keep the pavement cooler by having a water sprayer keep the pavement wet.

We hope these summer safety tips are helpful and prevent your pet from having any kind of emergency. Your friends at Luxury Pet Grooming wish you a happy summer this year!